duck hunters in a sentence

"duck hunters" in Chinese  
  1. Only about 30 percent of the regular duck hunters hunt teal.
  2. But Florida's duck hunters certainly are taking note.
  3. Numbers many duck hunters and waterfowl biologists never have seen.
  4. Confronted by cold weather and duck hunters, he comes through heroically.
  5. The result was a drastic reduction in the numbers of duck hunters.
  6. It's difficult to find duck hunters in a sentence.
  7. Modern duck hunters said they were baffled by the reference.
  8. One, do you have the mentality to be a duck hunter?
  9. It is popular with largemouth bass anglers and duck hunters.
  10. A duck hunter hunkers down in a small clump of brushy weeds.
  11. Is it the same house the duck hunter owned?
  12. He is an avid duck hunter, a trout fisherman _ a sportsman.
  13. Kerry is shot and killed by a duck hunter, which devastates Harold.
  14. Duck hunter Paul Crapuchettes, 78, lives on 180 acres of Suisun Marsh.
  15. A duck hunter's idea of perfection.
  16. A pregnant Kerry is killed by a stray bullet while protesting against duck hunters.
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