duck house in a sentence

  1. There is really a bit of the duck house about this.
  2. He teaches at Dewsbury Duck house in his spare time.
  3. Campgrounds were proposed for the Duck House area but ecological concerns scuttled the idea.
  4. It was a lame-duck House.
  5. The lame duck House slipped liability exemptions for the industry into its homeland security bill.
  6. It's difficult to find duck house in a sentence.
  7. The floating duck house, symbol of the expenses scandal, was later sold at auction.
  8. At the southern end is the village green and duckpond ( with thatched duck house ).
  9. During World War II the U . S . Coast Guard was stationed at Duck House.
  10. The "'Gosport Conservative Party parliamentary primary of 2009 "'was the 1st duck house.
  11. Cook's classicism, which is also echoed in a duck house on a pond, was learned through architectural osmosis.
  12. But Democrats and a growing number of Republicans say the likelihood of this lame-duck House impeaching Clinton is diminishing by the day.
  13. Republicans were unimpressed, but Democrats said the Ackerman argument bolstered their case that the lame-duck House should not vote for impeachment.
  14. These departing Republicans are among 38 lame-duck House members who are not returning to office in January for a variety of reasons.
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