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  1. The lame duck Hill has three more races left with Williams-Renault.
  2. Elliott is located on the southern edge of Grenada County, with its southern border following the Duck Hill.
  3. The Lotts moved among Duck Hill, Elliot and one spot known as Little Texas, near the county seat, Carrollton.
  4. Chester Lott drove a school bus, then turned to sharecropping, renting a stretch of cotton fields in Duck Hill.
  5. The Illinois Central Railroad completed a line from Chicago to New Orleans in 1856, and a depot was established at Duck Hill.
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  7. A train wreck occurred at Duck Hill on October 19, 1862, when in the early morning hours two trains collided head-on, killing 34 men.
  8. Whilst in 1907 with more accommodation needed the Briary boys moved to Duck Hill and their building was extended and became a Junior School House.
  9. "He's a very holy man, " said Ole Miss guard Jason Flanigan, describing his coach who makes a nearly three-hour round trip on Sundays to attend his brother's church in Duck Hill, Miss.
  10. During the Civil War, Binford's sons, James R . and John A . Jr ., helped lead the Confederate " Company E " from Duck Hill, known as the " McClung Rifles ".
  11. In 1930, the Lloyd T . Binford High School opened in Duck Hill ( Memphis insurance executive and film censor, and was noted for his views on " Southern womanhood " and white supremacy ).
  12. Apart from this road and internal networks in areas of scattered settlement to the east and west, Ruislip had only three ancient roads of any importance of which Ducks Hill Road was the only one in the Northwood hamlet.
  13. "It used to be low enough so that people on foot could wave, " said Ms . Dickey, who named this country place Duck Hill and whose love for geese, ducks, chickens, cats, dogs and horses ( oh, and her grown children, too ) almost exceeds her passion for plants.
  14. With three colleagues, professors Craig Werner and Steve Kantrowitz, and graduate assistant Danielle McGuire, Tyson led a series of busloads of students from Madison to Chicago, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee, and then on to Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama; Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Duck Hill, Mississippi; and New Orleans, Louisiana, to explore and discuss their histories.
  15. It's why Barnes, his wife Bridget, their two sons and Rod's mother Gladys ( who lives with the family ) drive 70 miles south each Sunday morning to Duck Hill to attend services at Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, where the pastor is the Rev . Anthony C . Barnes _ a / k / a, Barnes'baby brother, Chuck.

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