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  1. At 65, she has worked at the Duck Head plant 31 years.
  2. A restructuring at Duck Head has helped reduce significant losses in recent years.
  3. Carlyle is the only Ducks head coach to have won the Stanley Cup.
  4. Duck Head Apparel has avoided a potentially hostile takeover bid by shareholder Bettis Rainsford.
  5. Tropical plans to integrate Duck Head's products into its own distribution channels.
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  7. Duck Head sells a similar line of clothing through a chain of outlet stores.
  8. The away caps are black with an orange brim and the duck head logo.
  9. The restaurant is headed by former Fat Duck head chef Ashley Palmer-Watts.
  10. Many of the Duck Head employees have sewn and pressed new clothes there for decades.
  11. Holmoe said, surely concerned about Ducks head coach Mike Bellotti's sleep patterns.
  12. The home caps are black throughout with the duck head logo centered on the front.
  13. Duck Head closed at $ 3.25 Monday, up 38 cents, or 13 percent.
  14. Rainsford ended the fight after Duck Head's board hired an investment firm to sell the company.
  15. It was unclear Wednesday whether Tropical Sportswear plans to keep Duck Head Apparel's operations in Georgia.
  16. Duck Head Apparel had previously announced it is trying to sell its headquarters and distribution center in Winder.
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