drafty in a sentence

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  1. There we were, in this big old drafty underlit building.
  2. Our greenhouse is cold and drafty, very different than Hawaii.
  3. FICTION : A drafty room can give your child a cold.
  4. Especially in drafty country houses people wore their fur a lot,
  5. They end up living in squalor in a drafty London garrett.
  6. It's difficult to find drafty in a sentence.
  7. Even with the windows closed, City Hall has been drafty.
  8. A house does not have to be old and drafty to qualify.
  9. But for now the place looks like a drafty barn.
  10. No more of those vacations at that cold, drafty Campobello place.
  11. On Friday night, however, the room was drafty.
  12. The seven-seat reading room is damp and drafty.
  13. And we're not talking hockey moms huddled in drafty rinks.
  14. The school itself is a drafty, decrepit house with four rooms.
  15. In my cool, drafty home, bells of Ireland germinated impressively.
  16. Older buildings are more drafty and less well insulated, he said.
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