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  1. She became the firm's chief draftsperson during Hockings'war service.
  2. A professional draftsperson needs tools to do this.
  3. But shortly after, he gained employment under Krantz and Sheldon as a draftsperson.
  4. St . Antoine was the official draftsperson for the Model Employment Termination Act ( META ).
  5. Fuller leads a staff of 24 including architects, draftspersons, 3D animators and technical staff.
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  7. Various types of drafting machine may be attached to the board surface to assist the draftsperson or artist.
  8. Professional draftspersons bridge the gap between engineers and manufacturers and contribute experience and technical expertise to the design process.
  9. She went on to work in the busy office of John Burcham Clamp, where she became chief draftsperson.
  10. During World War II she worked as a mechanical draftsperson for airplane design for Budd Company and as a combat artist.
  11. Are you a designing person-a fashion designer, for example, or an architect, an engineer or a draftsperson?
  12. Although these terms are still in use, the non-gender-specific terms draftsperson and drafter are now more common.
  13. During her college summers, she worked part-time as a draftsperson for her father's practice and also for the federal government.
  14. In most cases, building designers are trained as architectural technologists or draftspersons; they may also be architecture school graduates that have not completed licensing requirements.
  15. Until recently, most commentators have attributed the work of Hipkiss to Chris alone, something that the artists accepted, since he is the'draftsperson '.
  16. Soon after completing her articles, she went on to work in the busy and prestigious office of John Burcham Clamp, where she claimed she was made chief draftsperson.
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