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  1. They prove that humor in art is often inseparable from draftsmanship.
  2. His wealth of response is as great as his draftsmanship ."
  3. But speed of wit and speed of draftsmanship also have their place.
  4. Could it be that our lawmakers erred in their draftsmanship?
  5. Bernheimer said, discussing the high quality of the draftsmanship.
  6. It's difficult to find draftsmanship in a sentence.
  7. He learned to write in a handsome script and studied technical draftsmanship.
  8. His color and draftsmanship had a profound influence on other California artists.
  9. He was also noted for his artistic abilities, including music and draftsmanship.
  10. Bunney demonstrated a strong talent for drawing and draftsmanship from an early age.
  11. In 1986, Koschatzky presented European draftsmanship in Beijing.
  12. The other problem evident from this show is the virtual disappearance of distinctive draftsmanship.
  13. You were expected to gape at the draftsmanship.
  14. That's inarguable, just based on his draftsmanship, " Hoptman said.
  15. Degas's work was controversial, but was generally admired for its draftsmanship.
  16. His draftsmanship has been criticized as sometimes poor.
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