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  1. She was also apparently able to sing in an eerie " double voice ".
  2. The initial findings were published in 2012 in the publication " Double Voicing and Multiplex Identities " ed.
  3. The philosopher Leo Strauss suggested that literature written under persecution can develop a double voice, hiding an esoteric meaning under its public veneer.
  4. The best part of the song is a three-second bridge where Spears asks ( in a digitized, doubled voice no less ), " Why can't I live my life?
  5. However, critics have suggested that Mena employs a phenomenon called " double voicing " or using dramatic irony to expose the inadequacy of the stereotypical notions about Mexicans that can be found in her work.
  6. It's difficult to find double voice in a sentence.
  7. Seville Cathedral's records show employment of trombonists in 1526, followed by several other Spanish cathedrals during the 16th century, used not only for ceremonial music and processionals, but also for accompaniment of the liturgical texts as well, doubling voices.
  8. "After Bach's custom, " he writes, " we have assigned to soloists, as concertists, those sections of the choral movements wherein instruments do not double voices, or where a choral sound might obscure instrumental detail ."
  9. Double voicing as defined by Mikhail Bakhtin is when  [ T ] he author exaggerates, now strongly, now weakly, one or another aspect of the  common language,  sometimes abruptly exposing its inadequacy to its object and sometimes, on the contrary.
  10. Specifically, the dialogic approach studies mediation, emergence and interactional positioning, voicing ( double voicing and ventriloquation ) and contextualization cues, to define context, frame the narrative event within the narrated event and vice versa to essentially determine meanining in and of an utterance.
  11. During the 1950s, Keep provided the synchronization process that allowed Ross Bagdasarian, Sr . to combine his speed-doubled voice technique with full orchestration on " solid state mixing equipment, retaining its claim as " the world's only transistorized recording studio " into 1960.
  12. Aside from background vocal stylings from Lorenz and other females, Carey added her own lowered vocals into the song, giving the impression of a " doubled voice . " " Heartbreaker " samples R & B and hook " Gimme your love, gimme your love, " repeated eight times.
  13. He uses the trombone sound to reflect the ( by now ) archaic sounds of the Renaissance trombones doubling voices ( with cornett playing the soprano line ), yet he also uses them independently, which John Eliot Gardiner says prepares the way for their use in Beethoven's Symphony No . 5.
  14. "I Stay in Love " is a " beat-driven " and " piano-laced " ballad, that is influenced by cut time, and it follows a chord progression of D Bm 7  G A . The song features a " double voice " effect during its final chorus, where Carey's normal singing tone throughout the rest of the song is combined with her raised pitch.
  15. In " The Tempest ", a ballet based on Shakespeare's play, electronics and orchestral sounds are again mixed, while the focus is more strongly on vocal music ( e . g . the'double voice'of Caliban ), while Nordheim's continued use of historical elements is shown by the incorporation of Leonardo da Vinci's musical rebus, which solved reads " Amore sol la mi fa remirare, la sol mi fa sollecita ".
  16. Recorded with the same beat as the original, and portraying Napoleon XIV relapsing to madness after being released from an insane asylum, it never charted, and was combined with the original 1966 recording on side A . ( Both sequels are included on Samuels'1996 " Second Coming " album . ) In the song, instead of a " mangy mutt ", for his lost dog, Napoleon is bemoaning the loss of his pet monkey . ( " I'll swing you by your tail, you hairy ape ! " . ) In the song, instead of the " Funny Farm " and the " Happy Home ", Napoleon XIV is being taken away to the " Loony Bin " and the " Rubber Room "; towards the end of the song, he relapses into the " Funny Farm " and the " Happy Home ", until when reality sinks in, he cries out at a fast tracked double voice with the words : " OH NO ! ! ! ", before the beat ends, and a door slam is heard, indicating that he has been " Locked Up " in the insane asylum.

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