double vision in a sentence

"double vision" meaning  "double vision" in Chinese  
  1. Some develop glare, halos or double vision that can affect nighttime vision.
  2. The stark black eye patch is gone, though his double vision remains.
  3. -Carolina jessamine _ all parts; weakness, double vision, convulsions, may be fatal
  4. He had some double vision but the injury was not deemed serious.
  5. Temporary or prolonged double vision has also been reported after sinus surgery.
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  7. Suffering from double vision, he was soon barred from racing by IMSA.
  8. After crashing twice, he returned to pit road complaining of double vision.
  9. Outside of Panum's fusional area ( volume ), double vision occurs.
  10. _Blurred vision for near or far objects, and sometimes double vision or afterimages.
  11. His Ducks debut was delayed until mid-October because of problems with double vision.
  12. Side effects include double vision, glare, halos or starbursts of light.
  13. The double vision is initially intermittent but can gradually become chronic.
  14. Her gait is slow, and double vision prevents her from driving.
  15. He fought all his fights in the Olympics with double vision,
  16. To avoid double vision, children learn to suppress images from the wandering eye.
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