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  1. For example, the double bottoms of many existing ships, including the bulkheads.
  2. This explosion put out all fires and blew out the double bottom.
  3. The " Lion "-class ships had a double bottom with a depth of.
  4. The double bottom was 7 feet high and divided into 44 watertight compartments.
  5. A double bottom ran for forty-seven percent of the length of the keel.
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  7. The hull incorporated a double bottom that ran for 63 % of its length.
  8. Internally, she had French-style cellular construction with 13 watertight bulkheads and a double bottom.
  9. The hull incorporated a double bottom that ran for 63 % of the ship's length.
  10. Inside, the hull was divided into eight watertight compartments protected by a continuous double bottom.
  11. The cargo version were double bottom but single side.
  12. The ship had a double bottom with the space between divided into separate watertight cells.
  13. A double bottom was located beneath the ships'engine rooms.
  14. There were eleven watertight bulkheads and a double bottom to the turn of the bilge.
  15. Its name is an abbreviation of Double Bottom Line.
  16. Finally, 2, 000 tons of cement was poured into the ship's double bottom as ballast.
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