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  1. A small, double blind study was done in healthy humans to determine the analgesic effects.
  2. For it to be fully understood and trusted, more double blind studies must be conducted.
  3. He conducted double blind studies and published his findings.
  4. Because she is in a double blind study, she may have been taking a placebo.
  5. No double blind studies had yet been conducted as to the efficacy of MDMA for therapy.
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  7. Consumers should be skeptical of any claims made for health-care products that haven't first been subjected to double blind studies, Rab says.
  8. Odor cues make double blind studies of MCS patients difficult, as scents can provoke a psychosomatic response or recall expectations and prior beliefs.
  9. Have there been any double blind studies on rather the taste difference exists or is even different enough for the human tongue to distinguish?
  10. George's double blind study of 12 people, published in the December 1997 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, was a bit less dazzling.
  11. The ratings for each disorder depend on the nature of research studies available on each disorder, ranging from anecdotal reports to double blind studies with a control group.
  12. There is some research, but no scientific double blind studies, which indicates that removing horseshoes and using barefoot trimming techniques can reduce or in some cases eliminate navicular syndrome.
  13. It has not gone forward because Dr . Donald Abrams at the University of California at San Francisco, who is conducting the accepted study, has to recruit subjects for a double blind study.
  14. Curran and Nutt oversaw research at Imperial College London, in which volunteers took part in a double blind study, taking either 83 mg of MDMA or a placebo before going into the fMRI scanner.
  15. Curran and Nutt oversaw research at Imperial College London in which volunteers took part in a double blind study in which some took 83 mg of MDMA, some took Vitamin C, and others a placebo.
  16. Funded in part by Esalen Institute, this program was co-sponsored by the California Department of Mental Hygiene ( reorganized : double blind study was the largest first-episode psychosis research project ever conducted in the United States.
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