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  1. But the dorsal fin is what really sets the kingfish apart.
  2. Fink has located the mark of character on the dorsal side.
  3. These spaghetti-type tags are inserted under the dorsal fin.
  4. They propel themselves with a single, almost invisible dorsal fin.
  5. Due to the dorsal position it gives the fish lateral stability.
  6. It's difficult to find dorsal in a sentence.
  7. Added armament included nose, dorsal, and ventral gun turrets.
  8. The shark has a pair of dorsal fins and pectoral fins.
  9. Results showed differing activation for the rostral and dorsal ACC areas.
  10. The dorsal coloration is slightly darker around the neck and crown.
  11. During these topographic changes, the dorsal mesentery undergoes corresponding changes.
  12. The nigrostriatal pathway connects the substantia nigra with the dorsal striatum.
  13. There is no ridge between the first and second dorsal fins.
  14. The pelvic fins are much smaller than the first dorsal fin.
  15. Its smooth dorsal scales are arranged in 15 rows at midbody.
  16. Thirteen dorsal ( back ) vertebrae are present instead of seventeen.
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