dorsal side in a sentence

"dorsal side" in Chinese  
  1. Lastly, there are two ligaments on the dorsal side of the knee.
  2. Dorsal side is rough with spines, while the ventral side is smooth.
  3. The dorsal side is both cinnamon and rufous-cinnamon, and is grey ventrally.
  4. It is slightly thicker on its dorsal side than on the other.
  5. Fink has located the mark of character on the dorsal side.
  6. It's difficult to find dorsal side in a sentence.
  7. The tail is brown on the dorsal side, and a cream white ventrally.
  8. If talking about the skull, the dorsal side is the top.
  9. They are pinkish-red on the dorsal side and yellowish-red on the ventral side.
  10. Dark grey cross bands on the dorsal side of forelimbs and hind limbs.
  11. Its dorsal side is a reddish-brown colour, and greyish brown ventrally.
  12. The dorsal side is usually beige in males, brown or green in females.
  13. Four to six broad black bars may be present on the dorsal side.
  14. The first step happens in the dorsal side of the embryo.
  15. Dorsal side has dark greyish-brown coloration with some blackish-brown spots.
  16. The upper incisors have enamel only on the dorsal side.
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