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  1. The scutes are grouped in two fairly distinct areas known as the nuchal and the dorsal shields.
  2. The latter, or dorsal shield, extends over the back in fairly regular longitudinal rows and quite regular transverse rows.
  3. The eyes, surrounded by a sclerotic ring, are housed in a notch at the anterior end of the dorsal shield.
  4. The'palate'( or hypostome ) is not connected to the dorsal shield of the cephalon ( or natant ).
  5. In more advanced species, the first five abdominal segments are often fused into a dorsal shield called the copulation is direct, as the male has a penis ( while the female has an ovipositor ).
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  7. Most heterostracans had two plates which form a large dorsal shield and a large ventral shield, and had series of scales arranged in various patterns on the sides of their bodies, the exact pattern differing from one group to another.
  8. The idiosoma of the male is 450 to 480 ?m long and 270 to 300 ?m wide, the dorsal shield is 440 to 475 by 250 to 270 ?m, and the holoventral shield is 360 to 395 ?m and 189 to 207 ?m wide.
  9. ""'Cardipeltis " "'is an extinct genus of cyathaspids in having a flattened body and indistinct head covered by a large, broad, guitar pick or heart-shaped dorsal shield, and a long, scaly tail.
  10. The carapace is considerably depressed, its depth not half its length; anterior and posterior margins reverted, more or less strongly serrated; nuchal present; two supracaudal shields; dorsal shields concentrically striated, often concave; vertebrals much broader than long and at least as broad as costals.

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