dorsal sepal in a sentence

"dorsal sepal" in Chinese  
  1. Its three-nerved, dorsal sepals are membranaceous and hairless.
  2. Their dorsal sepal is slightly joined to the petals at the apex.
  3. The petals are similar to the dorsal sepal but smaller.
  4. There is one dorsal sepal pointing downwards and two lateral sepals pointing up.
  5. The obliquely spreading lateral sepals are similar in size to the dorsal sepal.
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  7. Towards the end of the dorsal sepal there is a yellow thicker area.
  8. The dorsal sepal is white with a greenish or brownish spot at the base.
  9. This is located directly behind the pouch, opposite the upward-pointing dorsal sepal.
  10. The long dorsal sepal is erect and ends in a somewhat thicker club-shaped tip.
  11. The dorsal sepal curved, with the tip narrowing linear to filiform and a broad base.
  12. The dorsal sepal is free and the lateral sepals form a short mentum with the column foot.
  13. The long and purple dorsal sepal is erect and ends in a somewhat thicker club-shaped tip.
  14. The dorsal sepal is white with green veining and the synsepal is greenish to yellow-green with green veining.
  15. The dorsal sepal is sharp-pointed and forms a hood over the lip is ovate-oblong with united basal calli.
  16. Flowers glabrous white with narrowly lanceolate bracts . Dorsal sepals are erect, obtuse at the tip and prominently 3-nerved.
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