dorsal scales in a sentence

  1. Its smooth dorsal scales are arranged in 15 rows at midbody.
  2. The keels of the dorsal scales are black or dark brown.
  3. Midbody has 21 ( rarely 19 ) longitudinal dorsal scale rows.
  4. In females dorsal scales of the tail smooth or faintly keeled.
  5. Tail rounded, the dorsal scales of the tail strongly pluricarinate.
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  7. The dorsal scales are smooth or weakly keeled with apical pits.
  8. The smooth dorsal scales are arranged in 17 rows at midbody.
  9. The body is covered with weakly to strongly keeled dorsal scales.
  10. At midbody there are 17-19 rows of dorsal scales.
  11. Some of the distal dorsal scales of the tail weakly keeled.
  12. The smooth dorsal scales are arranged in 69 79 rows at midbody.
  13. Usually, 21 rows of keeled dorsal scales occur midbody.
  14. Mid-body, the dorsal scales number 27 33.
  15. At midbody, the dorsal scales number 21-46.
  16. The head shields and the dorsal scales may be edged with black.
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