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  1. Dorsal saddles are broad and low but the ventral ones are high and conspicuous.
  2. "' Ephippioceratidae "'is a family of sutures that have deep ventral and dorsal saddles.
  3. The suture is straight ventrally or with a slight ventral lobe, well developed lateral lobes, and a broad, low dorsal saddle.
  4. This species is brown on the back and sides, with 6 & ndash; 10 indistinct darker dorsal saddles, and plain yellowish on its ventral side.
  5. Adults have a variegated brown coloration with 9 10 darker dorsal saddles and " V "-shaped blotch at the tip of the upper caudal fin lobe.
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  7. Generally, " Peckoltia " are considered to be those that have dorsal saddles and bands in the fins, while " Heminancistrus " have spots and uniform coloration.
  8. Coloured yellowish brown above and cream below, this shark has a characteristic series of ten dorsal saddles from the head to the tail; each saddle is dark brown with a darker edge and a lighter middle.
  9. A small, slim-bodied species reaching a length of, the Springer's sawtail catshark can be identified by its color pattern of horizontal dark stripes in front of the first dorsal fin, and dark dorsal saddles behind.
  10. The "'Ephippioceratidae "', named by Miller and Youngquist in 1949, which have a range from the Lower Carboniferous ( Miss ) to the Lower Permian, are closely similar to the Liroceratidae, but have deep ventral and dorsal saddles in the suture.
  11. ""'Hemiscyllium galei " "'( "'Cenderwasih epaulette shark "') is a species of bamboo shark in the H . freycineti " ) by the combination of seven relatively large dark spots along the side of the body ( between the abdomen and tail-base ), white markings on the edge of its dark dorsal saddles and other scattered white spots on the upper side.
  12. The "'emerald darter "'( " Etheostoma baileyi " ), a fish species in the family Percidae found only in northern and eastern Kentucky and northeastern Tennessee . " E . baileyi " is a member of the snubnose darter subgenus ( " Ulocentra " ) and shares many similarities with other species in the group, such as eight or nine dorsal saddles, a blunt nose, scales on the belly, and other distinguishing characteristics.

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