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  1. Males have parmere's with short strongly clubbed dorsal arms.
  2. Dorsal disc and dorsal arm plates vary from black, variegated black to pale brown.
  3. Observations of captive " A . argo " females suggest that the expanded webs of the dorsal arms may aid the animal in feeding.
  4. But unlike other gonatids it is in females only that the suckers are modified into hooks; these hooks are on the mesial rows of the dorsal arms only.
  5. The ground colour of the forewings is reddish rust, preserved mostly along the termen, costa and along the anal veins and dorsal arm of the median cell.
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  7. The females carry more than 100, 000 eggs attached to a sausage-shaped calcareous secretion held at the base of the dorsal arms and carried by the female until hatching.
  8. The morphological traits characteristic of this complex are a high number of gill lamellae, a robust conical copulatory organ and arms of varying length with long unequal dorsal arms generally four to six times longer than the mantle.
  9. The octopus has numerous small iridescent white spots on the web, arms and dorsal arm crown but there are no spots present on the mantle . " Macroctopus maorum " has 12-14 gill lamella per demibranch, the mantle is described as broadly ovoid and exhibits a skin pattern of longitudinal ridges.
  10. The radial nerve and its branches provide motor innervation to the dorsal arm muscles ( the triceps brachii and the anconeus ) and the extrinsic extensors of the wrists and hands; it also provides cutaneous sensory innervation to most of the back of the hand, except for the back of the little finger and adjacent half of the ring finger ( which are innervated by the ulnar nerve)
  11. The forewings are black, with scattered bluish white scales and a black spot near the base of the dorsum, a minute patch of raised black scales at the base of the fold and three larger such patches in a row, the first two below the fold, the third above, each edged behind with bluish white scales, and a fourth smaller patch just beyond the dorsal arm of the fascia.
  12. In a study estimating " M . maorum " size based on a sample of 90 beaks, the largest individual found had a body length of 2.0m and body mass of 12 kg . " Macroctopus maorum " has an upper beak and lower beak, the upper beak can be used to differentiate " Macroctopus maorum " and " Enteroctpus zealandicus " as it has a lack of overlap in the ratio of upper hood length and upper chest length . " Macroctopus maorum " hatchlings are usually about 5.06 in size, they have 7-8 suckers per arm and each dorsal arm will have 6-11 chromatophores.

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