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  1. In the AGM, endothelial cells line the lumen of the dorsal aorta.
  2. The dorsal aorta consists of an endothelial layer and an underlying stromal layer.
  3. Meanwhile, an artery from the dorsal aorta begins extending towards the mesonephric tubule.
  4. They are ventral to the dorsal aorta and arise from the aortic sac.
  5. The subnotochordal rod helps to stimulate development of the dorsal aorta.
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  7. By birth, the dorsal aorta becomes the descending aorta, while the genital ridges form the gonads.
  8. In most other bony fishes the swim bladder is supplied with blood by the dorsal aorta.
  9. The prechordal mesenchyme proliferates laterally over the junction of the dorsal aorta and first aortic arch on each side.
  10. Inside the embryo, the dorsal aorta forms and eventually connect the heart to the capillary plexus of the yolk sac.
  11. Specialised endothelial cells on the dorsal aorta of the AGM region, identified as haemogenic endothelium differentiate into haematopoietic stem cells.
  12. Since then, the gill it innervated has become the larynx and the gill arch has become the dorsal aorta in mammals.
  13. Thus the co-expression of cell surface markers from both lineages suggests that hematopoietic stem cells differentiate from endothelial cells of the dorsal aorta in the AGM.
  14. The intersegmental arteries are a set of 30 arteries arising from the embryonic dorsal aorta, with each artery providing blood supply to one somite and its derivatives.
  15. It contains the dorsal aorta, genital ridges and mesonephros and lies between the notochord and the somatic mesoderm, extending from the umbilicus to the anterior limb bud of the embryo.
  16. For a period during embryonic development, the dorsal aorta produces hematopoietic stem cells, which will eventually colonise the liver and give rise to all mature blood lineages in the adult.
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