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  1. She also played Diana Dors in I am Diana Dors ( dir.
  2. She also played Diana Dors in I am Diana Dors ( dir.
  3. The Vancouver Film Critics Circle named " Tu Dors Nicole"
  4. Dors tries to help Seldon also as a historian.
  5. HMV also released sheet music featuring sultry photos of Dors on the cover.
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  7. In May 1984, Dors died after a long battle with ovarian cancer.
  8. It features an appearance by the young Diana Dors.
  9. Termer freelanced around but mainly he accompanied Diana Dors whenever she did cabaret.
  10. Stars who performed there included Diana Dors and The Beatles ( 1962 ).
  11. Those Naughty, Naughty Stories About Diana Dors.
  12. DORS keeps more than 21, 000 resumes online for up to 180 days.
  13. Dors said, referring to the truce observed by ETA since Sept . 18.
  14. Four neighbors were treated and released from the hospital late Thursday, Dors said.
  15. He is introduced to Dors Venabili by Hummin.
  16. She tells Dors Venabili what she heard-the phrase " lemonade death ".
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