do good in a sentence

"do good" meaning  "do good" in Chinese  
  1. Whoever has the most feel on the putting greens will do good,
  2. What do good British parents do with the children on the ship?
  3. I think that would do more harm than it would do good.
  4. People who just want to do good things for their community.
  5. But they mean no disrespect and they certainly do good work.
  6. It's difficult to find do good in a sentence.
  7. Neither do good feelings entitle him to act like a brat.
  8. If I do good next year, I can come out then.
  9. If you do good, then people send you more good horses.
  10. Most of them are talented and do good things for society.
  11. They got into the teaching profession to do good for children.
  12. Is it possible for investors to do good while doing well?
  13. I wanted to do good and I stepped on the law.
  14. In some cases she used her position to do good works.
  15. I think the management team is ready to do good things.
  16. To try to do good work and have fun doing it.
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