do good to in a sentence

"do good to" in Chinese  
  1. I know that you had come to do good to me and my people.
  2. Our motto which is'do good to all'centers on Christianity.
  3. "That certainly won't do good to Croatia's reputation, " he told the state-run HINA news agency.
  4. Christ taught us to love our enemies and to do good to them that hate us.
  5. He begins to acknowledge that he has the education and wealth to do good to his country.
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  7. "It doesn't do good to have regrets.
  8. Musalaiah, Rudraiah, and Hari plan to treat a good lesson to Rayudu and do good to the village.
  9. :This saying suggests that one should do good to those around you before doing good to those afar off.
  10. "It doesn't do good to the sport unless you adopt the cynical view that all publicity is good publicity,"
  11. Gollancz gave the royalties from the book to his daughters, and felt the book would do good to the world.
  12. Such gathering would bring fame to the maths and it would also do good to the world at large ".
  13. Then the man appears to him as a ghost, urging him to do good to make up for his decision.
  14. It might do good to revisit the evenhanded rational responses we offered to Israel's anger, vengeance and retaliation over the last year.
  15. He will do a good turn for three people, each of whom will in turn do good to three more, and so on.
  16. "But as you know by listening to me, I do good to speak English _ it's sort of a second language with me,"
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