do go on in a sentence

  1. Fascinating things do go on in the corridors of power.
  2. Some executives do go on the defensive when faced with the statement.
  3. If they do go on strike, that could really sink the company.
  4. When they do go on sale, stock up.
  5. If people do go on low-salt diets, does their blood pressure drop?
  6. It's difficult to find do go on in a sentence.
  7. If the Jacksonville Jaguars do go on to win the Super Bowl, who knows?
  8. And when we do go on stage, we turn the humor up a notch.
  9. Yet you realize that life has to go on, and you do go on.
  10. Do go on, Mr . Norman.
  11. But I do go on .)
  12. You don't replace people like that, but you do go on ."
  13. Slugger Cliff Floyd won't have much to pack up if the players do go on strike.
  14. Many South Plains students do go on to work in the music business, onstage and behind the scenes.
  15. The laws of supply and demand mean tickets that do go on sale will be at a premium price.
  16. Some immigrants do go on public assistance, but most of them come here with one goal : to work.
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