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"do battle" meaning  "do battle" in Chinese  
  1. Are you here to participate or simply to argue and do battle?
  2. Dar grows up in a village where he learns to do battle.
  3. Whenever enemies of the world appear, Boogiepop takes over to do battle.
  4. IBM could use that as a platform to do battle with Microsoft.
  5. Instead of burning Art Modell in effigy, we decided to do battle.
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  7. From then on, the Pokemon do battle and characters spout pacifist profundities.
  8. Various discrepancies in the mission lessen the Alphans desire to do battle.
  9. The score shimmers with longueurs, and the dancers do battle with it.
  10. They go on to Karazhan together, to do battle with the Magus.
  11. Houses often get up and do battle, and everything can be alive.
  12. They are here to do battle by attacking me and other editors.
  13. Kullervo prepares to do battle with the destroyer of his people Untamo.
  14. His colleagues, unwilling to do battle for tainted food, quietly went along.
  15. They continue to do battle, each drawing blood from their opponent.
  16. One could do battle with campus administrators or with Southern segregationists.
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