do a slow burn in a sentence

"do a slow burn" meaning  "do a slow burn" in Chinese  
  1. The only drawback has been speed; they do a slow burn.
  2. But the nomination has been hanging fire ever since then, making Murray do a slow burn.
  3. While taxpayers do a slow burn, two powerful and ambitious Democrats appear to fiddle on a State House balcony.
  4. "If we try to do a slow burn into this series, they'll be all over us.
  5. Yet Yankees pitcher Jack McDowell did not do a slow burn after Wednesday night's dispiriting 3-1 loss to the Angels at Anaheim Stadium.
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  7. If Wiki had said upfront you need prior approval for articles, nothing is guaranteed to appear, etc ., etc . folks would understand and not do a slow burn.
  8. Williams, the rookie, is watching a coach near the end of his career do a slow burn; it's all part of the business, but not fun to watch.
  9. Then again, it's macabre fun to watch Jeff's wife, Doria ( Angelina Phillips ), do a slow burn as she jealously regards the rekindling of feeling between Dawn and Jeff.
  10. These high-strung and creative people ( Ellin wrote best sellers ) shared values that outweighed their divergent religious backgrounds and differences in temperament . ( Ellin, when upset, was given to spontaneous outbursts, for example, while Irving would do a slow burn .)

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