do a shot in a sentence

  1. I love snakes and wanted to do a shot all covered with them.
  2. The people who have done it, quickly do a shot, led by Heath Ferro.
  3. Surprisingly, Jeremiah and Elizabeth each do a shot which causes Brett and Jeremiah to break up.
  4. You got rather blase about that, but once you tried to do a shot, it was complete chaos.
  5. When I apply pressure on opponents, it is a matter of controlling my game better than they do a shot at a time, moment by moment.
  6. It's difficult to find do a shot in a sentence.
  7. Dancing shortly before dawn in an alleyway connecting two dance clubs, 20-year-old Jill Hapley leaned back and let a man do a shot of tequila off her chest.
  8. Adamson cited the river-god as the character he was most proud of . " It was a really masterful effect : to control water like that is incredibly difficult ", he said . " The [ visual effects company ] told us they'd been waiting to do a shot like that for ten years ."
  9. Art programs on many levels such as this program put on in Santa Clarita California at ArtTree for student aged 10 to 15 teach the basic nature of film . other programs such as " Do A Shot " sponsored by Pro8mm and Kodak give individuals a chance to experience film by lending film & cameras out to a select group at film festivals and trade events like this film festival at The Art Center College of Art & Design.

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