do a service to in a sentence

"do a service to" in Chinese  
  1. It does not do a service to the process.
  2. And also, " to give books without disturbance is not to do a service to your children ."
  3. It's really remarkable that despite all the financial problems, they continue to do a service to the community ."
  4. Drop the whole thing and do a service to everyone . talk ) 16 : 57, 8 February 2008 ( UTC)
  5. I think you do a service to the community by taking your work outside the community where other people can see it.
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  7. I don't think we would do a service to this nation if we took these as they're stated and ran with them with haste.
  8. Prawat said that he did not know why he had received the payment and that he had been trying to do a service to the country by donating it.
  9. We did get one track down 'Hymie's Him' that was the first definite solid thing we got laid down [ . . . ] I think we could do a service to a film.
  10. "But to the extent that they present a particular case and try to make that a metaphor for a system that needs to be blown up, that doesn't do a service to any of us,"
  11. Instead, Levin spoke at the conference on Tuesday about how Time Warner can help people in China, arguing that his company should do a service to all humanity by trying to help new talent find a public voice.
  12. It's not needed to keep responding to me here, as I'm not likely to come back and read anything here, it wouldn't do a service to keep talking about this anymore . talk ) 18 : 30, 19 May 2014 ( UTC)
  13. Yeltsin can cleanse his government and break out of the bunker psychology that has twisted his leadership if he can see beyond the politics of the moment and discharge four men who no longer do a service to him or their country.
  14. A member of President Bush's staff ( there are four White House aides in attendance this particular day ) leads the meeting off : " Senator Kennedy is going to do a service to the nation by telling us what the Democrats'plan is . . . and that is to raise taxes ."

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