do a remarkable job in a sentence

"do a remarkable job" in Chinese  
  1. The clocks all do a remarkable job for their disparate masters.
  2. They do a remarkable job on helping people with rehabilitation,
  3. "I think we do a remarkable job, " he said.
  4. Recoing and director Laurent Cantet do a remarkable job, skillfully drawing us into the film's emotional complexities.
  5. Nick had to do a remarkable job under a lot of pressure for us to make the move at that time.
  6. It's difficult to find do a remarkable job in a sentence.
  7. Park administrators do a remarkable job of handling the massive numbers of international tourists who travel to Alaska and then to the park.
  8. All of the actors do a remarkable job of making their characters transparent so that you can see what they're really feeling even when they're telling you otherwise.
  9. In one brilliantly understated sequence, Silver's Kissinger and Henry Chan's President Thieu _ allies who mistrust each other more than they do their enemies _ do a remarkable job of obfuscating their true feelings.
  10. Some schools and teachers do a remarkable job of adding living color to the drab grayness of basic skills, the stultification of worksheets and formula essays meant to do one thing only _ pass TAAS.
  11. Such familiarity no doubt helped Kelly and the ensemble do a remarkable job of balancing many different viewpoints, alloting memorable moments for something like 15 minor roles without ever losing track of the central triangle's trajectory.
  12. A good Sandvik scraper cost about $ 5 last time I looked, and if you spend some time learning to get the hook worked into the edge, it will do a remarkable job of cleaning up these defects, especially tearout.
  13. "They do a remarkable job in creatively using locations and sets that look as if they're traveling around the world when they are in fact usually right in the back halls of some of those Disney lots, " notes Susan Lyne, ABC's entertainment president.

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