do a project in a sentence

"do a project" in Chinese  
  1. Maybe we would do a project _ writing, or something else _ together.
  2. How should I do a project based on the information on the internet?
  3. But would he still do a project like that today, on his medication?
  4. Every time we do a project, we get a letter singing our praises,
  5. Eisenman said he would not normally do a project like a furniture showroom.
  6. It's difficult to find do a project in a sentence.
  7. Most Japanese photographers go somewhere for a few months to do a project.
  8. Do a project on traveling seeds _ see your teacher for the appropriate sheet.
  9. "We seek out an artist to do a project for us, " he said.
  10. We made a personal commitment to return and do a project specifically about Hawaii.
  11. That's not why you set out to do a project.
  12. A small crew will do a project in August on the Fort Apache Reservation.
  13. To do a project, you have to be together.
  14. "But now my father's family is begging me to do a project for them ."
  15. I had to do a project on him and your page was perfect for it.
  16. :Maybe you can do a project on the etymology of the word " flaot ".
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