do a movie in a sentence

"do a movie" in Chinese  
  1. He has also signed to do a movie with director Koratala Siva.
  2. I wanted to do a movie that was a bit more hard-core.
  3. I'm planning, at some point, to do a movie about Robert Thurman.
  4. She had always wanted to do a movie about a failed singer.
  5. I would advise any actress to do a movie six months pregnant,
  6. It's difficult to find do a movie in a sentence.
  7. When you do a movie you still have to do your schoolwork.
  8. You do a movie, a TV movie, a mini-series, some guest spots.
  9. "I worked harder than when I do a movie, " she said.
  10. I wanted to do a movie about characters rather than heists,
  11. "It's hard to do a movie like that in this climate of Hollywood,"
  12. I get to do a movie while I'm doing a show.
  13. We like to learn ( stuff ) every time we do a movie.
  14. "I do a movie like ` Safe'and I lose money, " she says.
  15. I don't think Disney would do a movie with a name like that.
  16. If I want to make people cry, I'll do a movie.
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