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  1. DNA testing has already dealt the Simpson defense team a setback.
  2. Cellmark is in the business of doing DNA testing for hire?
  3. DNA testing by Physicians for Human Rights proved the girl correct.
  4. Meanwhile, DNA testing may provide some clues, he said.
  5. A future use of DNA testing is that of phenotypic analysis.
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  7. The other two also went to inmates exonerated by DNA testing.
  8. The evidence, however, was not subjected to DNA testing.
  9. DNA testing has worked against some inmates under a death sentence.
  10. Modern DNA testing is considered as accurate as fingerprints for identification.
  11. Our needs in Long Beach are pretty significant for DNA testing.
  12. Finally, in 1999, Andrew took Cheryl for DNA testing.
  13. Rudimentary DNA testing during the appeals suggested that Coleman was guilty.
  14. Mass DNA testing helped Welsh police catch a killer in 1996.
  15. Inmates have won easier access to post-conviction DNA testing.
  16. The sophisticated DNA testing was not available in the early 1980s.
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