dna test in a sentence

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  1. Only DNA tests will tell for certain whether the bones are his.
  2. It took a DNA test to identify the origin of the eggs.
  3. Results from the DNA test are expected to take about three weeks.
  4. Assessments of his character _ written before the DNA test _ follow.
  5. The new DNA test was ordered by the governor in the spring.
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  7. Gul said DNA test results of the suspects would be released soon.
  8. The DNA test results had actually excluded him as a possible suspect.
  9. One charred body was found last week and is undergoing DNA tests.
  10. Expert witnesses are likely to mention two main kinds of DNA tests:
  11. But the DNA tests will show whether I am telling the truth.
  12. Officials said DNA tests to identify victims could take months to complete.
  13. Investigators were expected to perform DNA tests on the hair and blood.
  14. Mendez said after receiving the DNA test results from a Uruguayan judge.
  15. So they took blood samples from the animals for the DNA tests.
  16. Blood samples were taken from the Bothas and DNA tests are underway.
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