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  1. :: When performing RT-PCR, the first-strand DNA is the single strand of DNA synthesized by Reverse transcriptase from an RNA template.
  2. Being created by Oikawa with his DNA synthesized into him, Mummymon dons a royal blue coat and hat, and wields a cane.
  3. The single stranded ( ss ) DNA synthesized during lagging strand synthesis can be targeted by ss-DNA damaging agents as well as is a selective target for APOBEC mutations.
  4. Genentech shall pay to City of Hope a royalty of 2 percent of the net sales of all polypeptides ( proteins ) sold by it or its affiliates, provided only that manufacture of the polypeptide employs DNA synthesized by City of Hope under this agreement.
  5. The other way is to label newly synthesized DNA with chemically tagged nucleotides that become incorporated into the strands as they are synthesized, and then catch cells at different times during the duplication process and purify the DNA synthesized at each of these times using the chemical tag.
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  7. In 1962, Walter Fiers and Robert Sinsheimer had already demonstrated the physical, covalently closed circularity of ?X174 DNA . Nobel prize winner Arthur Kornberg used ?X174 as a model to first prove that DNA synthesized in a test tube by purified enzymes could produce all the features of a natural virus, ushering in the age of synthetic biology.

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