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  1. A very brief review of DNA synthesis by DNA polymerase is given.
  2. PrimPol is predicted to play a role in translesion DNA synthesis.
  3. PrimPol is a eukaryotic protein with both DNA polymerase and translesion DNA synthesis.
  4. This leads to decreased DNA synthesis and inhibition of estrogen activity.
  5. Wee becomes active if errors occur in the DNA synthesis phase.
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  7. It arrests DNA synthesis in the S phase of cellular division.
  8. DNA synthesis seemed like a reasonably obvious extension of the problem.
  9. Substitution of this analog inhibits DNA synthesis in actively dividing cells.
  10. 4 hours after fusion of sperm and ovum, DNA synthesis begins.
  11. The encoded enzyme localizes to the mitochondria and is required for mitochondrial DNA synthesis.
  12. In plants, imazapyr disrupts protein synthesis and interferes with cell growth and DNA synthesis.
  13. DNA synthesis is required for cellular proliferation and DNA repair.
  14. Cyclin D1-dependent kinase, through phosphorylating NRF-1 at S47, coordinates nuclear DNA synthesis and mitochondrial function.
  15. The Mcm proteins support roles both in the initiation and elongation steps of DNA synthesis.
  16. Its doughnut like structure wraps around DNA and separates the strands ahead of DNA synthesis.
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