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  1. Wee becomes active if errors occur in the DNA synthesis phase.
  2. CRL4A complexes regulate entry into the DNA synthesis phase, or S phase, of the mitotic cycle by regulating protein expression levels of the replication licencing factor protein SCF Skp2 complex.
  3. Many cells in such cultures are in the S phase ( i . e ., the DNA synthesis phase ) of their cell cycle, wherein the DNA polymerases of cell origin needed for viral replication are available.
  4. The G1 / S cell cycle checkpoint controls the passage of eukaryotic cells from the first gap phase, G1, into the DNA synthesis phase, S . In this switch in mammalian cells, there are two cell cycle kinases that help to control the checkpoint : cell cycle kinases CDK4 / 6-cyclin D and CDK2-cyclin E . The transcription complex that includes Rb and E2F is important in controlling this checkpoint.
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