dna swab in a sentence

  1. Ajay swings into action and abducts Rajguru, soon forcibly obtaining a DNA swab.
  2. He was dispatched to Iraq, taking fingerprints and DNA swabs from company employees.
  3. She filed a missing persons report, and gave DNA swabs from inside her cheeks.
  4. Before the DNA swabs came years of research into Caribbean plantation records, Pearl Duncan said.
  5. The court heard that DNA swabs taken from Yeates'body had provided a match with Tabak.
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  7. A DNA swab test was carried out on the individual, Antoni Imiela, which enabled police to link him to the attacks.
  8. She submitted a DNA swab taken from her inside cheek, but this proved to not be a match for Cheryl Grimmer's DNA.
  9. The Shoah Project aims to collect at least 10, 000 samples and has been traveling throughout the United States collecting DNA swabs from Shoah survivors.
  10. Then Kurnaz was taken to a tent, his fingerprints and DNA swabs taken, and afterwards he was taken to a cage made of chain link fence.
  11. Soon, after obtaining a DNA swab of Gillis and matching it to evidence found on some of the victims'bodies, authorities arrested Gillis on April 29, 2004.
  12. The concern, as it does with DNA swabs, sent the sample to the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, where the DNA would be extracted and stored.
  13. They have taken DNA swabs from more than 150 men aged 14 to 60 who live in Bundaberg, about 300 kilometers ( 185 miles ) north of the Queensland state capital, Brisbane.
  14. Police were holding a " person of interest " suspected of the rape, but they wanted to collect DNA swabs from other men in the community to be sure, he said.
  15. If a possible match turns up, Baker will send the family a do-it-yourself DNA swab kit to provide the samples she needs to compare with genetic material from the body.
  16. While each of the " Law & Order " series is steeped in a different aspect of crime-solving, the " CSI " shows all have the same basic MO : high-tech hunting, DNA swabs, and bloody globs.
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