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  1. Of particular note was Moore's development of the ULDB, or ultralight displacement boat, which particularly excelled in windy downwind sailing conditions.
  2. The Academy boasts 2 38ft yachts, 5 rigid hulled inflatable boats ( RIBs ), 2 displacement boats, workshops and research and development facilities.
  3. The 1970s saw Santa Cruz and the yacht club come to the forefront of the Ultra Light Displacement Boat ( ULDB ) movement that revolutionized yacht racing.
  4. Transpac organizers make much of the fact that Merlin, one of the first light-displacement boats ever built, still holds the monohull race record, set 20 years ago at 8 days 11 hours.
  5. The purpose of this is to combine the good handling and seakeeping of the semi-displacement boat, and its economy at slow speeds  with the efficiency of a planing hull at higher speeds.
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  7. When Nicarette, the 80-foot monohull, broke a 95-year Atlantic record for single-hull displacement boats a few years ago, it took two severe low-pressure systems with hurricane-force winds to slingshot across the 3, 000-mile route.
  8. Because of low friction over the surface and high speeds over the ice that create high apparent wind speeds for most points of sail, iceboats can derive power from lift further off the wind than displacement boats.
  9. The "'Kitchen rudder "'is the familiar name for " Kitchen's Patent Reversing Rudders ", a combination rudder and directional propulsion delivery system for relatively slow speed displacement boats which was invented in the early 20th century by John G . A . Kitchen of Lancashire, England.
  10. Olson was a surfer and surfboard shaper who decided to design a 30'ultra light displacement boat while on a delivery from Honolulu to Santa Cruz on " Merlin ", a 68'Bill Lee designed and built ultralight sailboat which had competed in the biennial Transpac race in 1977.
  11. The Brixham trawler was a heavy displacement boat of some 60 80 ft length on the deck, with a long straight keel, a straight vertical stem, usually a fantail stern, and a low freeboard to ease the handling of the nets, though this feature was disguised by high bulwarks.

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