displacement behavior in a sentence

"displacement behavior" in Chinese  
  1. The preening is a displacement behavior.
  2. Coughing may also be used for social reasons, such as coughing before giving a displacement behaviors or defense mechanisms.
  3. :: : Your note about the displacement behavior reminds me of a funny incident I observed while sailing with some friends recently.
  4. When post-feeding larvae venture away from the body to pupate, as is common for most blowflies, displacement behavior becomes the determining factor of age.
  5. "' Normal contact stiffness "'is a physical quantity related to the generalized force displacement behavior of rough surfaces in contact with a rigid body or a second similar rough surface.
  6. It's difficult to find displacement behavior in a sentence.
  7. If a displacement behavior served an adaptive function, such as increased survival of the young, then it may have experienced positive selection and become ritualized and stereotyped in its new context.

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