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  1. Tinbergen adopted the term'displacement activities'because the behaviour appeared to be displaced from one behavioural system into another.
  2. :The article Displacement activity seems to deal more specifically with behaviors such as the one you note.
  3. Here's the article I wanted : Displacement activity . talk ) 23 : 26, 4 November 2015 ( UTC)
  4. Psychiatrist / primatologist Alfonso Troisi proposed that displacement activities can be used as non-invasive measures of stress in primates.
  5. He was famous for his work on displacement activities ( Dutch : " overspronggedrag ) " and the hierarchy of instincts.
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  7. She concludes : " These schemes still seem to me to be just displacement activities proposed in order to avoid facing our real difficulties ."
  8. The protein contains a DNA-binding HMG domain, but disruption of this domain does not abolish the DNA-binding or nucleosome-displacement activities of the SWI / SNF complex.
  9. Kathleen Tynan would not, when late with a press release for Perpetua, lie fully dressed and terrified under the duvet, chain-smoking, glugging cold sake out of a beaker and putting on make-up as a hysterical displacement activity.
  10. As the sole regional designee of the U . S . Department of Energy's Clean Cities program, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition ( YTCEC ) functions as Department of Energy s on-the-ground advocate focused on petroleum displacement activities in the Greater Yellowstone Region.
  11. :: and a cheerful set of contributions !-some displacement activity; mind you those brief descriptions are intriguing . . . the man's obviously a talented writer . . . I'm just going to have a brief look at those entries . . . and I may be gone for some time . . . talk ) 09 : 38, 7 June 2008 ( UTC)

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