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  1. Displaced workers will be offered severance packages, outplacement and counseling, Coke said.
  2. Alexander called for displaced workers to receive a job-training " scholarship ."
  3. "I kept hearing people say we displaced workers, or we're replacement workers.
  4. "We should help displaced workers, " and we do, with unemployment compensation.
  5. He is getting help from a Sinclair Community College program for displaced workers.
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  7. Reich touted Clinton's current proposal for a job-training voucher to help displaced workers.
  8. Those were not encouraging words for displaced workers hoping for aid.
  9. By contrast, many of the displaced workers are poor and black.
  10. Vietnam, which condemned the war, requested compensation for its displaced workers in Iraq.
  11. The displaced workers will be offered other jobs at their stores, Moser said.
  12. In addition, the nation needs a " displaced worker package, " he said.
  13. In addition, it said, 18, 000 displaced workers 55 to 61 would enroll.
  14. Nor would they guarantee that displaced workers would find affordable coverage.
  15. Now, however, that sector is not able to absorb displaced workers so easily.
  16. The company is trying to find new jobs for displaced workers, he said.
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