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  1. Why are they demolishing the houses of civilians and displacing women and children?
  2. Stella and Louie are displaced women in London.
  3. The sister provides functional literacy education and both business training and micro loans to the displaced women and children.
  4. Without her familial structure, Andromache is a displaced woman who must live outside familiar and even safe societal boundaries.
  5. Displaced women often sell tea or liquor, but since the sale of alcohol is illegal, this can lead to imprisonment.
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  7. "I don't know what will happen with displaced women who were raped, whose husbands were killed or are missing ."
  8. UNICEF has provided medical kits, sleeping mats and educational material to displaced women and children in rebel zones and in Abidjan.
  9. Heiberg, who arrived in the island last week, has already met with representatives of various women's groups and also visited displaced women.
  10. Sierra Leoneans say such numbers would make the displaced women's circumcision festivities the largest event of its kind ever seen in the country.
  11. Barbara Presnall, a history professor at Texas Woman's University, noted that many displaced women workers from that era still recall the ordeal tearfully.
  12. The delegates want to reduce female illiteracy to at least half its 1990 level, with an emphasis on rural, migrant, refugee and displaced women.
  13. Defenders of the ritual, who range from intellectuals in the capital to illiterate, displaced women, talk of preserving a tradition against an onslaught of alien cultures.
  14. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action contained commitments on the treatment of women in armed conflict, refugees, internally displaced women and woman activists, Amnesty said.
  15. "I Live Here " started out as a book documentary about the stories of refugees and displaced women and children in Burma, Juarez, Chechnya, and Malawi.
  16. She is on the board of the Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, an independent advocacy group for refugee and displaced women, children and adolescents.
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