displaced well in a sentence

"displaced well" in Chinese  
  1. Jackson s election displaced well known incumbent Michael Di Biase, which she won by only 90 votes.
  2. The strongest winds continued to be displaced well to the south of the centre, however, within the most persistent convective band.
  3. However, Debby curved westward and continued to become increasingly disorganized, with the low-level circulation being displaced well west of the main, deep convective area.
  4. The greatest loss of life due to natural disaster came from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which caused a tsunami that killed around one quarter-million people and displaced well over a million others.
  5. Ruud Lubbers spoke on the Sierra Leone stop of his tour of five West African nations _ two of them, neighboring Liberia and Ivory Coast, roiled by rebellions that together have displaced well over 1 million people.
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