displaced water in a sentence

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  1. Bricks displace water and therefore reduce a toilet's flushing pressure, he explained.
  2. His goal was to concoct something to prevent rust ( displace water ).
  3. When it's thrown out, it's displacing water equal to its volume.
  4. The objective here is to displace water, not merely be " heavy ".
  5. When the anvil is inside the boat, it's displacing water equal to its weight.
  6. It's difficult to find displaced water in a sentence.
  7. Swimming is far less efficient than walking or running, because it requires displacing water.
  8. For a floating object, only the submerged volume displaces water.
  9. As nitrite displaces water, Cu is bound by both oxygens in a bidentate fashion.
  10. To calculate the weight of the displaced water, it is necessary to know its density.
  11. Suppose that when the rock is lowered into water, it displaces water of weight 3 newtons.
  12. Other than conquering back pressure and the rubber balloon's surface tension, you need to displace water.
  13. As you push one foot into the water, you are displacing water out to the sides.
  14. The relative density result is the dry sample weight divided by that of the displaced water.
  15. Like all other boats, tugs move forward by displacing water behind them, a lot of water.
  16. In this case cooking oil, rather than gun oil, acts to displace water and prevent rust.
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