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  1. One common point of confusion regarding Archimedes'principle is the meaning of displaced volume.
  2. The upward buoyancy force on an object acts through the center of buoyancy, being the centroid of the displaced volume of fluid.
  3. Instead, in the case of submerged buoyant objects, the whole volume of fluid directly above the sample should be considered as the displaced volume.
  4. For each loading condition, the displaced water weight or buoyancy is calculated for that hull section based on the displaced volume of water within that hull section.
  5. For this reason, the mono-metal bullets similar to the Barnes TSX may have to be seated more deeply into the case displacing volume which could be filled with the propellant.
  6. It's difficult to find displaced volume in a sentence.
  7. :: : At the 7th grade level, " specific gravity " is essentially equivalent to " density . " There are a few nuances-if you want to be technical-but if you just want to measure specific gravity, you do so in the same way you measure mass-density : you weigh the object; and you measure its volume ( usually by measuring the displaced volume of water when you submerge the object ).

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