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  1. Most of the displaced soil created new landforms, but some was carried far out into the Pacific Ocean.
  2. It had a ditch on the Welsh ( western ) side, with the displaced soil piled into a bank on the Mercian ( eastern ) side.
  3. Larger and higher-velocity rain drops have greater kinetic energy, and thus their impact will displace soil particles by larger distances than smaller, slower-moving rain drops.
  4. Objects in liquefied sand sink to the level at which the weight of the object is equal to the weight of the displaced soil / water mix and the submerged object floats due to its buoyancy.
  5. The earthwork was generally dug with the displaced soil piled into a bank on the Mercian ( eastern ) side, providing an open view into Wales and suggesting that it was built by Mercia to guard against attacks or raids from Powys.
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  7. Potassium fertilizer application to increase forage production may contribute to an increased K / ( Ca + Mg ) ratio in forage plants, not only by adding potassium to soil, but also by displacing soil-adsorbed calcium and magnesium by ion exchange, contributing to increased susceptibility of calcium and magnesium to leaching loss from the root zone during rainy seasons.

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