dispirited in a sentence

"dispirited" meaning  "dispirited" in Chinese  
  1. A more disorganized, dispirited and downtrodden bunch you never saw.
  2. Yet this year, Farr said she senses a dispirited electorate.
  3. The New Jersey Devils and their coaches are a dispirited bunch.
  4. But everyone else in this fight seems increasingly dispirited and exhausted.
  5. Responsible Wealth spokesmen said they were not dispirited by the votes.
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  7. There is a police force that is often dispirited and demoralized.
  8. But Harrison was dispirited by his experience in the music business.
  9. Fierstein takes Edna from dispirited but funny to exultant and hilarious.
  10. I feel very _ what should we say ? _ dispirited,
  11. Scholes got his second a minute later against a dispirited Everton.
  12. The Madan have dispersed, and many are dispirited beyond hope.
  13. As caretaker coach, Roos immediately transformed the dispirited Swans players.
  14. Charlotte meets Camille again and finds him more dispirited than ever.
  15. I'm so sorry you were dispirited by the experience.
  16. Dispirited, Watson couldn't make anything else happen.
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