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  1. Each member is automatically assigned a unique dispid
  2. The dispids can be set explicitly by applying
  3. Dispid attribute to specify , upon import , that the member
  4. Attribute to specify any dispid as the default member upon import
  5. Invoking a member by dispid is faster than looking up the member by name
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  7. Class with the specified dispid
  8. And just invoke the method with a hard - coded dispid
  9. Passing in the decorated name to get the dispid of any overloaded method
  10. To get the dispid of an interface member at run time , com clients can call
  11. Interface pointer returned by the com object s member with a dispid of - 4
  12. Applying the custom attribute to overwrite the default com dispatch identifier dispid
  13. To invoke a method on the interface , pass the returned dispid as an argument to
  14. Only a change of value of the property that corresponds to dispid name for the com object raises the
  15. In complex aggregation scenarios , the dispid is sometimes the only way to invoke the desired member
  16. Member you can specify the dispid instead of the member name , using the string format " dispid "
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