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  1. After several hours, the sweating but happy crowd quietly dispersed.
  2. If not, dispersed camping and even picnicking will be lost.
  3. Before they dispersed, the team gave one last Rosamond cheer.
  4. The march dispersed around 1 : 30 Saturday morning without incident.
  5. Time was, Edinburghers had a simple philosophy for dispersing justice.
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  7. The team of six moved to the larger field and dispersed.
  8. The refugees are beginning to disperse farther away from the camps.
  9. Funds have been dispersed through bilateral channels and the United Nations.
  10. But the hostages had been dispersed after the first aborted attempt.
  11. What will Weiner do now that his collection has been dispersed?
  12. They are familiar with how these rainstorms develop and quickly disperse.
  13. They looked to the civil rights movement, and it dispersed.
  14. The most valuable Windsor relics were dispersed long ago, however.
  15. Soldiers were trying to disperse the crowd of about 300 people.
  16. In turn we will be dispersing power to our fellow citizens.
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