disperse about in a sentence

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  1. Tanks were sent to disperse about 100, 000 demonstrators.
  2. Police fired tear gas shells to disperse about 600 demonstrators late Friday.
  3. Police fired in the air to disperse about 150 protesters in Tral.
  4. Police used tear gas to disperse about 100 marchers 10 blocks from Congress.
  5. Protesters were dispersed about six blocks from the site.
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  7. Police in Indian-controlled Kashmir dispersed about 50 protesters with tear gas.
  8. Local journalists said police dispersed about 500 people trying to protest the election results.
  9. Riot police dispersed about 400 remaining marchers late Thursday with water cannon and billyclubs.
  10. In one demonstration, police fired in the air to disperse about 150 protesters.
  11. The French troops fired tear gas to disperse about 500 rioters at a main bridge.
  12. In Dhaka police fired tear gas to disperse about 200 protesters who threw rocks at them.
  13. Two protesters were injured Saturday night when police dispersed about 200 youths protesting alleged police brutality.
  14. To disperse about 200 students that remained, police employed batons; minor clashes were reported.
  15. French peacekeeping troops were forced to fire tear gas to disperse about 500 rioters at the bridge.
  16. Police used a water canon to disperse about 300 opposition activists in Dhaka's commercial district.
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