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  1. Officials scattered dispersants and established a perimeter of floating containment buoys.
  2. We suspect they are using dispersants to break up the slicks,
  3. Ships and aircraft continued to spray chemical dispersants on the slick Thursday.
  4. Dispersants are said to facilitate the digestion of the oil by microbes.
  5. Three different chemical dispersants were used : Corexit 7764, Port Germein.
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  7. An immediate concern of environmentalists was the potential use of chemical dispersants.
  8. To spray dispersants over 400 sorties flown were employed.
  9. The purpose of oil dispersants is to accelerate the process of degrading oil.
  10. In other circumstances, we might use dispersants.
  11. Dispersants don't work as well with viscous oils, the report said.
  12. They are used in the manufacture of detergents, surfactants, emulsifiers and dispersants.
  13. These additions may be termed reinforcing fibers, or dispersants, depending on their purpose.
  14. This mission marked the first real world application of oil spill dispersants by the 910th.
  15. The UK and Denmark keep lists of approved dispersants and have not approved of Corexit.
  16. He noted that manufacturers could nominate themselves to EPA's list of approved dispersants.
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